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Master Subterranean reservoirs of energy (SRE)

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  • Domaine : Sciences, technologies et santé
  • Type de formation : Master
  • Niveau d'accès : BAC+3


Descriptif pédagogique

The objective of this Master program is to form specialists capable to continue both the engineering and scientific careers. The strong professional engineering specialisation determines the difference of this master from all other scientific programs in this domain. At the same time, the parallel strong scientific specialisation differs this master from all other professional programs. SRE forms students in the following domains of competences: · Hydro-thermodynamic processes during the exploitation of different types of subterranean energy reservoirs. · Engineering methods of foreseeing, controlling, modelling, and optimising the recovery scenarios; · Simulation and 3D-modelling of reservoir geological structures and reservoir dynamic processes. · Reservoir geology and geophysics.

Learn more about the program of the master (the whole program is in english):

Objectifs professionnels

The graduated students from SRE are recognized by all the companies and research centers. They are recruited worldwide by major industrial petroleum and para-petroleum companies such as Total, Schlumberger, Beicip-Franlab, Gaz de France, CGG, Paradigm, Shell, Chevron, Exxon BP, EMGS, Statoil, Soultz Geothermy and others. Graduated students can also work in non-petroleum areas related to the problems of aquifers management, geothermy, CO2 storage, radioactive waste storage, mining engineering and various aspects of environment. The SRE master diploma gives also the possibility to continue the career via doctoral study in any international research centers and laboratories.