Master MAE Applied Corporate Management
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Master MAE Applied Corporate Management

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The Master MAE Applied Corporate Management from IAE Nancy is a high level, management program, theoretical and applied, lasting one year. It is accessible in continuous learning or after a Bachelor degree or First year Master Program (i.e., after 4 years of university studies). It is aimed at both non-business and business students or professionals. It allows students or managers to complement their expertise in non-business fields with a comprehensive curriculum in business. It also allows students or managers specialized in specific fields, to broaden their perspectives and polyvalence through the reinforcement of transversal competencies to face business challenges in a globalized world.

Prerequesites Undergraduate level
Localisation Metz and surroundings
Nancy and surroundings
Type of course Face to face
Contact(s), (director of studies)
Facultés, écoles, instituts, UFR IAE Metz - School of managament, IAE NANCY