Innovation through the dialogue between knowledge fields

We are international

Université de Lorraine has developed a large range of international activities, including student exchanges, shared degrees, research collaborations and staff mobility, working hand in hand with partners all around the globe. With its 10,000 international students, Université de Lorraine is the leading French university in Erasmus mobility.

Being located at the heart of Europe, Université de Lorraine plays a major role in the cross-border academic network called University of the Greater Region, in partnership with the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, the University of Liège, University of Luxembourg, Saarland University and Trier University.

Creating a thriving student life

Beyond receiving a great education, the extraordinary range of opportunities allows our students to feel design their own Université de Lorraine experience. With a great diversity of student associations, many sport activities, a variety of libraries and cultural venues, including Espace Bernard-Marie Koltès - a student theatre located on Saulcy campus in Metz, Université de Lorraine has a stimulating, innovative and energising student and campus life.

Renowned for its cultural dedication and social responsibility, Université de Lorraine strives to provide a rich and dynamic experience and quality of life to all of its students and employees on all of its campuses